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Approved in TIG and MIG welding

ISO 9606-1:2014
in thicknesses between 0,8 mm. and 3 mm.

Production and quality certificate

ISO 9001:2015


Equality plan

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Laser cutting by tube

Soon, since July, we will launch Laser cutting by tube.

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Engineering Section

Entrust your engineering project to Inox Designers. Our technicians will use 3D analysis to simulate product performance, anticipate and correct potential problems and improve the design, all before we even begin to build.

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Cutting Section

We have the most up-to-date laser cutting machines on the market, allowing us to offer high-precision cuttings. Our cutting section is complemented by a wide variety of machines designed for metal drilling.

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Folding Section

Find out about our metal folding services in Barcelona. High-precision automatic and semi-automatic folding machines at your service.

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Welding Section

We have more than 30 welding work stations in our facilities and we can use up to seven different techniques: robot welding (TIG and MIG), conventional welding (TIG and MIG), stud welding, semi-automatic linear welding and resistance welding.

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Polishing Section

We have a wide selection of electro polishers, sandblasters and deburring machines for polishing metal parts and leaving them with a perfect finish.

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Auxiliary Machinery Section

We complement our fundamental sections with the auxiliary machinery section, which allows us to add value to parts.

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Treatment Section

In addition to transforming metal, we can also treat its surface with the appropriate chemical treatment or coating in order to protect it from external agents or improve its appearance.

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Maching Process Section

With the aim of offering a completely finished product, Inox Designers offers the opportunity to take charge of the machining process of the parts.

Industrial metalworking with laser-cutting technology

Inox Designers was born from the combination of our TIG welding expertise applied to fine stainless steel sheets.  We currently have more than 20 workstations in this section and we specialise in industrial metalworking. As metal experts, we are equipped with the best  laser-cutting machines and high-precision folding machines for the production of components and structures in iron, stainless steel, aluminium and brass, among other materials.

We specialise in fine stainless steel sheet services, our most requested service here at Inox Designers.

We guarantee delivery of fully finished products of the highest quality, as we only use materials with superior mechanical resistance and we work with the most innovative technology and machinery on the market.

To offer our clients advice tailored perfectly to their needs, each project is managed by a single technician who will follow the project through the entire manufacturing process,  and remains at your disposal to resolve any issues promptly.

In collaboration with our R+D team, our engineers will study your project to offer you the best solutions and ideas, and adapt the design in order to optimise the manufacturing process and minimise costs. We enjoy taking a proactive role, suggesting our own ideas and proposals, and always looking to improve designs.

This is the added value you can expect from of Inox Designers: the flexibility in adapting to the unique  needs of each customer, either in relation to the design and manufacture of the product, the delivery time or the maximum budget available.

Backing us up are hundreds of satisfied customers and our wide experience in the sector. Contact us to learn more!