Engineering Section

Industrial Design

Our technical department offer highly qualified staff with all the latest 2D and 3D design tools at their disposal. This means we can guarantee optimum end product functionality, especially for assembly parts that needs to interact perfectly within larger systems.

This same design process lets us spot any functional problems in the part, caused by either collisions or interference, and avoid them before they occur.

We enjoy taking a proactive role, suggesting our own ideas and proposals, and always looking to improve designs.

Research and Development

Our R+D Department focuses on development and research for new projects and ideas which meet the needs of our customers exactly, so we can offer perfectly customized solutions.

Researching new solutions for current problems, and creating new manufacturing tools, improve speed, precision and quality.

Technical Office

The technical office’s main concern is to conduct the necessary research for each project and offer our customers a tailored advice service, fully adapted to their requirements and projects.

Our engineering team carries out mechanical design jobs (3D modelling, parts development, drawings) CAD/CAM programming of CNC machines and delineation support, among others. They also guarantee maximum effectiveness and quality when manufacturing and handling products.

Our technicians are always ready to collaborate with customers to improve or adapt the designs in order to optimise the manufacturing process and minimise the costs.